Live Link Surfer - Add Your URL

How it Works

Every link is worth a certain number of POINTS depending on what options the owner decided to place on the link.

ICONS are worth 2 POINTS
BOLD highlighting is worth 2 POINTS

ICON and BOLD is worth 4 POINTS

1 DAY POST AD is worth 10 POINTS or 1 Credit.

You use CREDITS to purchase your link displays.

It will cost you:
2 credits to display an ICON at the front of your links.
2 credits to display your link in BOLD font.

eg; If the owner of the link selected a special icon to show in front of their link, this is worth 2 points to you to view it.

If you are a PRO SURFER you can earn $1 for EACH referral that you bring and they Upgrade to a PRO SURFER on Live Link Surfer.
You also earn CASH from various Promotions being run on the site.

The current promotion running is offering $1 to EVERY member that surfs 100 links at one time. There is a limit of $1 per member.

Payouts are currently being made to Paypal Accounts only. There is a minimum payout of $2.00

Get "100 credits" for EVERY new Referral you bring to Live Link Surfer